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Hi! Welcome to YipBuzz

Local website portal for small and medium scale businesses.

The Nigerian economy is currently facing huge challenges such as; high unemployment rates, a continuously rising dollar price as well as high inflation and the cost of goods and services seem to have increased rapidly over the past few months.

Business growth is key to a thriving economy hence there is a need for more business owners / entrepreneurs in these trying times.

In a fast growing global market there are 3 major things that affect most businesses

  1. Accelerated Change
  2. Tremendous Competition
  3. Overwhelming Complexity

Technology pays a very vital part in the survival of any business and reaching a global market is made possible through a solid tech foundation

At YipBuzz our goal is to encourage entrepreneurship by introducing business owners to the world wide web as a means of having a wider customer base and hence higher revenues both locally and internationally.

It is almost impossible to remain relevant in business today without an online presence however due to the high cost of web design as well as other economic considerations, achieving this is not very practical for most business owners.

At YipBuzz we provide 3 things

We provide websites from as little as 1'750 NGN a month. Our goal is to drive down prices as low as possible so as to encourage new and existing businesses to take their brands online

The time it takes from application to activation / Setup ranges from 5 to 10mins.

Every Client we create a website for is automatically placed on our business directory. This allows them access to a large customer base

We are able to achieve this through an automated system that allows customers to update content and format their layout according to their own preference.

We are passionate about encouraging business owners to utilize the world wide web to promote their business and take advantage of a global market.

The world is changing through technology, hence it's important that we encourage business owners to follow current trends and not get left behind; ‘brick and mortar’ is rapidly being replaced by ‘click and order ‘

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